Friday, October 10, 2008

End Teen Pregnancy Now

For further proof of the hypocrisy and whining of the GOP and their Christian Talibanist supporters, one need to look no further than their response to Sarah Palin’s unwed, underage pregnant daughter.

The right have been up in arms that this is a private “family matter” that the media has no right focusing on.

Generally, I agree. But by the same token, it is this party that extols “family values,” decries the decline in morality in society, and believes that morality should be legislated. If the GOP and Christian Talibanists are serious about their belief that morality is not a private matter but deserving of public and community judgment, then certainly shouldn’t their own be held to the same standard?

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Erin said...

I am anti- teen pregnancy. When your a teenager the decisions you should be making are "What should I wear to prom"? or "What extra- cirriculam should I take"? not "Do I keep my baby or put it up for adoption"? Here's my advice girls Abstenince!!! Abstenince!!! Abstenince!!!